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New Moon in Gemini

New Moon in Gemini

This month’s New Moon in Gemini is signaling the final call for all struggles, drama, and chaos that marked the first half of this year. Mama Moon is cupping your ear and gently whispering that the past doesn’t exist anymore, love. Only in your mind. It’s now up to you to choose a new story.

Here are some ways you can take advantage of this pivotal New Moon in Gemini:

·         Write out a new story. Gemini is the sign of greater thinkers and writers; an intellectual sign with the gift for communication (in all forms). With this New Moon being the perfect time to turn your life in a new direction, try grabbing a pen and literally rewriting the story of your life. Where are you telling yourself limiting beliefs and ideas about how the world works? How can you shift that? It’s time to write a new path; a path that feels passionate, aligned, and true.

·         Clear the air. Is there something that’s been sitting on your mind? Maybe a feeling you’ve been trying to ignore, or an intuitive nudge you’ve been brushing off? Now is the time to let it all out, love. Clear the air, and in doing so, clean the slate and lighten your heart.

·         Ask for what you want. Where in your life have you given up on getting what you want? Where in your life have you stopped asking, or didn’t take the time to figure out what it is you really, truly desire? Whether that’s in your relationships (friend, family, and romantic), in your job, or just generally in your life, it’s time to sit down and figure out what you want… and then go ask for it. If it’s not a request that can be asked of another person, try writing down your requests in the form of a prayer. Delegate to Spirit! Remember, if you never ask, you’ll never receive.

·         Burn away the past. Literally. Burn it down. Write down everything you’ve felt, experienced, struggled with, and mourned over since the start of this year. Leave no detail untouched (Gemini is all about those details). Allow yourself to release everything that’s happened, and everything you’ve been feeling, onto these pages. And then… burn them. Watch the past six months blow up in flames and allow the story they held to burn up with them.

·         Go easy on yourself. Endings can oftentimes feel heavy on the heart. But now is not the time to wallow in despair, stress, and pain. Go easy on yourself! Don’t force yourself into anything! Feel what is real and know that you have everything you need to follow your heart’s truth. It’s time to muster-up a bit of trust! Whatever is happening right now, remember that everything is temporary. Focus on your heart, go easy on your mind/body/soul, and the rest will fall into place. I promise you, love.

This New Moon in Gemini marks an important passing of all major themes and patterns from the first half of the year, while lighting the way for all that’s to come in the last half. Think of this as your new year, and new rebirth!

Now is the time to decide what you’ll be taking with you, and what you’ll be leaving behind.

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