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Practically Magic

Practically Magic

Thank you so much for taking the time to read a bit about Practically Magic Company!

I'm Hannah! I’m a wife, mommy of two girls and an Aries/Virgo/Cancer living in Northern California. Our home is full of fire, earth and air signs which means our life is as “dramatically fun” as it is “laid back cozy”.

Like so many, I've always been fascinated with Astrology. The stars are as old as time and yet consistent and ever-present. Although some know Astrology as an ancient myth, the correlation between planet alignment and human characteristics has been astonishingly accurate for centuries. This ancient philosophy for me has been a magical and entertaining method into understanding strengths and weaknesses, creating bonds or mending wounds. It’s also a fun and very accurate way of simply understanding people better. 

Astrology has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. My mother was full of wisdom from the stars and it really did feel like magic as a little girl. Words like “sun", “moon" and “tenth house" were common references at home. My mom could figure anyone out by asking one simple question: “When is your birthday?” While most families were playing board games or watching movies, we were reading Astrology books and learning more about how our individual traits would impact our journey in life. Each new person in our life was mapped to the stars. Even as a young as I was, there was nothing more exciting to me than reading up on a new friend or latest boyfriend.

Star Chart 2.jpg

As time went on, Astrology stuck close by. I’ve been on countless coffee/wine dates with friends and have answered many texts/emails with co-workers all with Astrology as the main focus! As a mother, wife and friend, I have found myself advising others with Astrology in mind. The conversation usually begins as simple as  ”Hannah, I have a new boss/boyfriend/pool boy; he's a Scorpio WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?" Astrology is full of depth and has taken my entire lifetime to really understand. Even now, after 25+ years, I am still learning and absorbing all it has to offer. If I could paraphrase Astrology for you in a few sentences it would look like this:

- We are ruled by 3 major signs. Most prominently (and what you probably already know about yourself) is our sun sign. Our sun sign reflects our goals, our drive and our most dominate traits.

- Next is our moon sign, which represents our deepest feelings, our emotions, our inner mood.

- And last but certainly not least is our ascending sign ( also known as our rising sign) this refers to the way we perceive the world and how the world perceives us; this sign is typically the vibe you give when meeting someone for the first time.

From there, it gets real deep guys! The zodiac is broken up into 12 houses which represents different areas of our life ( family, money, responsibility, emotions, friendships, sexuality, etc.) Each of us  has certain planets and zodiac signs living in these houses and this alignment affects our actions and behavior.

 It’s A LOT to understand, I know! I hope that by giving a little of my personal history on this subject and by quickly summarizing Astrology for you,  it sparks your interest to learn more about YOU. It’s incredibly fascinating and I wholeheartedly believe to the heavens, you will relate to your personal chart.

So here we are! I decided to turn this passion for understanding people into a business. Practically Magic is still very new and yet evolving! New ideas are sprouting every day which is keeping me passionate, excited and very busy! Currently, our biggest focus is our zodiac charts, where we capture your special moment and make it into a beautiful piece of artwork. Whether it may be the birth of a new baby, a wedding anniversary or just new milestone, we believe its imperative  ( and sacred) in understanding what exactly the heavens meant for you in that moment. Each wheel is accompanied with an interpretation chart where we explain how the energies and planet alignment of that moment will impact your life, your relationships and your journey. I hope you enjoy these wheels as much as I have enjoyed creating them. 

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Always Looking Up,


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