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Full Moon in Pisces

Full Moon in Pisces

Breathe those easy breaths, my love.
The Full Moon rises up above.
Pisces dawns new life outside,
Anchoring in those shifts in stride.
What magic lies within you now?
What manifestations can you allow?
And what can you close, so you can rise,
Under these deep and loving Pisces skies?

On Sunday, August 26th, we welcome in the Full Moon in Pisces.

Can you feel that, darling? That weight off your chest? Now that Eclipse season has officially come to a close, Virgo season has begun, and Mercury has finally exited retrograde, you might be feeling your breath flowing easier, your steps feeling lighter, and your thoughts coming clearer.

But, with 5 planets still in retrograde (Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto), we are being called to continue to reflect and reassess even as we move forward under these Full Moon skies.

Who am I becoming?
And what no longer belongs in that world?

Pisces is asking you to prepare your dreams to expand into reality! She rules the dreamer, the artist, the creator of worlds magical and unseen; the perfect foil to the sun’s current ruler of the ever-so-practical and grounded Virgo.

This Full Moon in Pisces urges us to explore our spiritual depths,
And to know that in that exploration, we are promised all the answers that we seek.

Relax. Give in. Go under, darling.

This is the spiritual spark you need to start Virgo season off right!

Allow the watery depths of this Pisces Moon to envelope you; to guide you towards the right people, places, and opportunities for your greatest expansion.

But know that this isn’t just another time of heavy-felt reflection—no!
It’s a time of grand celebration too!

Full Moons have traditionally been a time to celebrate and give thanks. Even now, you can still find Full Moon celebration parties gathering monthly around the globe!

But, right now, more important than any official gathering, is the celebration you have alone.

How far have you come in these past 8 months?
What have you released? What have you received?

It’s time to both honor and recognize all that you have achieved, even if you haven’t accomplished all that you’ve set out to do, yet. You must trust that it’s coming, but to open that space, Mama Moon is calling on you to give your wildest thanks for all that you have already released and received!

It’s time to get your gratitude on, love!

Here are some ways you can take advantage of this watery Full Moon in Pisces energy:


·         Celebrate! Yes, as we just mentioned, this is the perfect time to celebrate the most beautiful thing in your life… you! Celebrations can mean anything, from big occasions to the smallest of moments. How do you love to celebrate your achievements? Is it by dancing wildly in your kitchen while you make breakfast? Treating yourself to your favorite take-out? Buying a bottle of bubble bath, lighting some candles, and relaxing into the hot waters of a bath?

·         Meditate. Unlock and unleash the full powers of this Pisces Full Moon by tapping into your meditative mind! Try searching for a guided meditation to explore your Third Eye, and delve deeply into your intuitive abilities. There is no better time to stretch and explore your innermost depths than under this watery Full Moon.

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·         Write a love letter. Pisces, ever the dreamy romantic, is urging you to explore your creative side in the matters of love! Write a heartfelt poem to your partner(s), your crush, your closest friends, or even to yourself (past, present, or future). Grab your pen, crack your heart open, and just starting writing!

·         Spend time by the water. A water sign in its full depth, Pisces flourishes by rivers, lakes, oceans, hot springs, and seas. Take a picnic to the beach. Draw yourself a hot, salty bath. Dip your toes into the cold rush of a river. Immerse yourself fully into the watery depths of the Moon!

This Full Moon in Pisces is asking you to exist in both celebration and reflection.
To dig deep and allow the full breadth of you to rise and release in beauty and in breath.

You have come so far, sweet one.

You have battled great demons and faced even greater challenges to breathe this air in this place.

It’s time to relax yourself within the soft arms of these Piscean waters.
To keep going in full love and full trust.

This is your time, sweet one.

This is your time to dig deep and rise.

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