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Crystal Highlight: Howlite

Crystal Highlight: Howlite

Crystal Highlight: Howlite
A simple white stone notable for its grey-veined markings, Howlite is a beautifully soothing companion for the uneasy and worn-down mind.
Howlite's strengths lie in its profound spiritual attunement and deep tranquil properties. As a highly dynamic stone by nature, you might know Howlite by one of its many other names, such as White Buffalo, Lapis Howlite, or White Turquoise.
Howlite gets its name from the Canadian mineralogist, Henry How, who first discovered Howlite off the coast of Nova Scotia in the late 19th century.
While not much historical and mystical lore exists on this relatively new crystal, it is said that if you sleep with a piece of Howlite under your pillow, that any insomnia will be soothed and all dreams will be calming and sweet!
Howlite is an incredible aide for… 

  • Calming an anxious mind

  • Alleviating stress

  • Increasing patience (esp. when dealing with aggressive people)

  • Accessing past lives in meditation

  • Stimulating Third Eye and Crown Chakras

  • Deep and restful sleep

  • Accessing wisdom from dream realms

  • Connecting to higher realms

  • Removing veils of illusion and mistruth

  • Promoting serenity and tranquility

  • Helping process tough emotions

  • Improving memory

  • Soothing pain (mental, physical, emotional, spiritual)

  • Absorbing negative energy

  • Relaxing the body

Rough Howlite at tamedwild.com

Rough Howlite at tamedwild.com

Working with the energies of Howlite:

  • Meditate. Howlite is a beautiful stone that works wonders for a variety of meditation practices. Hold a piece in your palm to help soothe your mind and slip more easily into a deep, meditative state. Place a piece over your Third Eye Chakra, or above your head (if you're lying down) to stimulate your Crown Chakra. Place your Howlite over your heart or in your hand to help you access past lives with more ease.

  • Sleep with a piece under your pillow. For sweet and soothing dreams, to relax the insomnia-ridden mind, to calm any worried or stressed-out thoughts, simply place a piece of Howlite under your pillow before you go to bed. In the morning when you wake up, grab your Howlite again to help you easily recall any wisdom or messages last night's dreams may have held.

  • Carry during tests. Need help in calming your anxious mind before a big test? Or maybe you need a little assistance in remembering some important facts? Howlite is every student's best test-time friend, with an energy that's perfect for helping you relax, remember, and perform with a masterful ease. This stone is also ideal for any time when a sharp and relax mind is called for.

Properly caring for your Howlite:
As a very soft stone, great care should be taken when storing and using your Howlite. Keep Howlite away from sharp-edged crystals, and far from anything that could impart dye (Howlite retains color very easily). It's best stored in a smooth-edged container, either by itself or with other softer/polished stones.
To cleanse your Howlite, play cleansing sounds next to the stone (either through a singing bowl, bells, or by using pre-recorded tracks you can find online), run it through your favorite clearing incense (cedar, sage, palo santo, etc.), or lay it under the light of a Full Moon.

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