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Crystal Highlight: Moonstone

Crystal Highlight: Moonstone

A milky-white crystal with a moon-like shimmer, Moonstone is a gentle and loving gem that could melt even the hardest of hearts.
Moonstone is a deeply feminine crystal that, like its name suggests, has strong ties to the Moon. Its celestially intuitive and wise energies align you to the magic and mystery of night's brightest light.
In many cultures throughout history, Moonstone has often be regarded with great reverence, and even thought to be a product of the Moon herself!
It's said that the Ancient Romans thought Moonstone to be a gift of the Roman Moon Goddess, Diana. They would often make jewelry from Moonstone, believing that it granted them the gifts of prophecy, wisdom, and second sight.

In Hindu legend, Moonstone is said to be made from the light of moonbeams—a truly treasured crystal, that was believed to show the future of any person who held the stone in their mouth under the light of a Full Moon.
Moonstone is best for… 

  • Connecting to the inner-feminine

  • Increasing self-love

  • Opening the Crown Chakra

  • Calming

  • Fertility (strengthening + healing)

  • Aides in self-expression

  • Connecting to the Moon

  • Regaining composure

  • Stimulating intuition

  • Tapping into innate wisdom

  • Restoring emotional balance

  • Strengthening sensitivity

  • Washing negativity away

  • Healing feminine energy

  • Protecting during night travels

  • Bringing balance to the energy body

  • Connecting to Divine inspiration

Tumbled Rainbow Moonstone at tamedwild.com

Tumbled Rainbow Moonstone at tamedwild.com

Working with the energies of Moonstone: 

Meditate. For when you're looking to tap in to your intuition, or to explore your feminine energies on a deeper level (note: we all have feminine energy regardless of gender and sex), grab a piece of Moonstone and sit or lie in meditation. Moonstone meditations are best done under the light of a Waxing or Full Moon—when lunar energy is at its peak.

Carry during harsh times. Are stress and harshness swirling about you like a windstorm? Do you feel yourself closing off as a result? Slip a piece of Moonstone in your pocket, or wear a piece of jewelry featuring the crystal, to help you tap into the love and softness of this world.

Use as a Moon talisman. Charge a piece of Moonstone under the light of a Full Moon, chanting an intention to use this crystal as a talismanic connection to the her. Chant your intention 11 times. After a full night under the Moonlight, your talisman is ready. Carry your talisman with you whenever you wish to connect deeply with Lunar energy—placing it inside a pouch (or inside your pocket) to keep it away from sunlight.

Properly caring for your Moonstone: 
Moonstone is best stored in a dark container and kept away from sunlight when not in use. As a physically hardy crystal, Moonstone can be kept anywhere you would normally store a crystal.
To cleanse your Moonstone, swirl it in a bath of salted water, run it through your favorite clearing incense (sage, palo santo, cedar, etc.), or lay it outside under the light of a Waxing or Full Moon.

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