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Full Moon in Virgo: It's time to get your house in order.

Full Moon in Virgo: It's time to get your house in order.

Come back to your body, come back to the earth.
This Moon’s the edge of Spring’s rebirth.
She asks you in gentle Virgoan quirk,
To remember that you must get back to work.
To remember that all seeds plant in clear soil.
To remember that reward always follows the toil.
To remember that Winter gives way to Spring.
To remember all the joy this clearing will bring.

On Tuesday, February 19th we welcome in the Full Moon in Virgo.
Things are beginning to speed up a little under the light of this Full Moon!

But there is no rush here.
There is no haste.

Simply a gentle, urging reminder that spring is approaching soon.
And before spring arrives, we have things that still need tending to.

Soil that still needs clearing.
A whole life that still needs healing.

This Full Moon in Virgo is our sweet but sure reminder that it’s time to actually get stuff done. 
No more delays. No more avoidance. No more just thinking about it.

It’s time to finally…

Check-off all those lingering items on your to-do list.
Take a good hard look at what chores you've been putting off.
Revise and refine your plans of action for the year.
Acknowledge all of the stuff in your life that needs improvement.
Really hone in on the details behind your dreams and goals.

This is your time to get your house in order before the spring.

With this month’s Moon in 0° of earthy and orderly Virgo, we’re cosmically hitting a big reset button—affording us a major opportunity to reflect, refine, and revise how we’re deciding to move forward.

What this Full Moon is saying, is that your next step doesn’t need to be defined by your past.
Your life is in the middle of a grand rebirth, and where you decide to go from here is all up to you.

Continuing to live in the past and carry all that comes with that (habits, relationships, behaviors, etc.) is entirely your choice.

Know that.
Remember that.

There’s an opening here, supported by Mars transiting our fellow earthy sign of Taurus, to come back home to yourself clean, fresh, and new. 

We’re being shown that this opening lies in us grounding into our bodies—into our energy. By focusing in on the gentle and humble work of daily healing, cleaning, and spiritual practice, we can find new life. We can find ourselves—free, full, and unleashed at last!

Full Moon in Virgo

Here are some ways you can honor the energy of this Full Moon in Virgo:

  • Pre-spring cleaning. As you clear your energy and your body, why not clear the space around you as well? Clean out your closets, go through your pantry, whip out the vacuum and broom, and get your home Virgo-clean just in time for spring! And as every Virgo knows, sometimes cleaning can be the greatest meditation.

  • Take a hot salty bath. Let this Moon be a potent reminder that slowing down and taking care of ourselves can make our work that much more powerful and steady. A salt bath is the perfect medicine to alleviate the energetic heaviness that’s been circling around all of us. Light a candle, play some calming binaural beats, and allow the heat and salt to melt away any tension or fatigue.

  • Reflect on the year so far. Contemplative Virgo lends the perfect energy for some reflective journaling on this Full Moon night. What have you released so far? What have you discovered? What shadows have come up to be addressed? What wounds have you already started healing? What focus has unveiled itself to you? What dreams or goals have been altered as life has progressed? How are you different now than you were at the start of the year?

My love, this is the last Full Moon before spring.

You’re being asked, one last time, if you are ready to die in the ways you must die in order to prepare for the rebirthing of spring.

This has been a long and brutal winter, I know.

But this Full Moon is reminding you that sunshine isn’t just coming—it’s already here.

And being present for all the small and tender moments of your day-to-day life, is how you can begin to see that.

Understand, that you are the greatest key to unlocking your greatest life.

And this Full Moon in Virgo is your reminder.

She is your call to something greater.

Greater, not always being this grand and explosive thing.

But greater, as Virgo shows us, can often be found in the smallest of moments.

This is where Virgo is calling you to look.

This is where Virgo is calling you to be.

You can often find your greatness in the smallest of your daily deeds.

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