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Scrying: What, how and why?

Scrying: What, how and why?

What is Scrying?

Have you ever seen images of fortune tellers looking into their crystal balls to seek prophecies and psychic guidance? Or pictures of witches staring into their boiling, bubbling cauldrons and watching as images dance across the surface?

That, my love, is scrying.

Scrying is essentially the art of symbol interpretation—typically initiated by looking into a shiny or reflective surface and divining the images that appear.

While there are dozens of Scrying methods, some of the more popular ones include using tools such as mirrors (blackened mirrors typically made of Obsidian), crystal balls, and dark bowls filled with water.

Scrying is a highly intuitive practice—which many would say is entirely dependent on the strength of your psychic-seeing abilities.

But, contrary to what most might think, these psychic abilities are present in all of us! For some, the abilities may be more naturally available than others, but with some practice, everyone can make use of this ancient art.

A Brief History.

Scrying is a divinatory practice that dates back thousands of years.

Ancient Scrying artifacts have been discovered throughout Ireland and many parts of Western Europe—with Scrying having been a notable Druidic form of divination. Many Native American tribes have used smoke as a form of Scrying—interpreting the movement, color, and shapes as a language of its own. We can even see evidence dating back as far as 2500 BC in both China and Egypt pointing to Scrying practices as a well-loved form of divining answers and truth.

But it wasn’t until the 19th century that Scrying as a widely-popular practice (featuring crystal balls and magic mirrors) made its debut. Although, at the time, it was mostly written-off as a charlatan stage act, the truly revered art of Scrying carried on behind closed doors.

Today, Scrying has re-emerged in more popular circles as an honored divination practice available to all those who wish to seek it.

How to Scry:

While there are a variety of different Scrying methods, one of the easiest and most widely accessible ways is the Scrying Bowl. All you need is a dark bowl, water, and a candle.

Scrying Bowl Practice:

Find a plain, dark-colored bowl and fill it with water.

Place the bowl on a flat surface inside a dimly-lit room (candlelight is best).

Next, open up the space the same way you would before any ritual (through invocation, prayer, chanting, etc.). Clearly state your intentions for this Scrying session (to practice, to divine specific information, etc.).

Take a deep breath, relax your body and your mind, and begin to gaze into the bowl. Tip on positioning: you don’t want to be hovering over the bowl so that your face is reflected back to you—it’s best to sit at such an angle that no objects in the room are reflected back in the water. Also, it’s helpful to set your gaze on the water as if you’re looking just past it. Be patient, and hold your gaze until images begin to appear on the water’s surface.

Remember to record what you’re seeing. Oftentimes, it’s easy to forget what images we saw after we finish a Scrying session.

Once you feel like you’re done, wrap up the session by giving your gratitude to the bowl, as well as any Spirits/guides/beings you may have called in to assist. Many people prefer to dispose of their water by giving it back to the earth, but how you choose to get rid of the water is ultimately up to you.

Happy Scrying!

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