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Full Moon in Libra

Full Moon in Libra

As spring is rising, so is the Moon,
Singing sweetly her Venusian tune.
Her melodies tell us that with every new dawn,
Comes release to all that we’ve long-drawn.
For in order to taste the newness of life,
We must let go of old pain and all that old strife.
We must let go of it now, and recycle and mend,
To make good use of this beginning and end.


On Wednesday, March 20th, we welcome in the Full Moon in Libra.

Not only is this Full Moon peaking on the same day as the spring equinox, but it is also the first of two Libra Full Moons this year, and the last Supermoon we’ll see until February 2020!

What that all means, is that this night’s Moon marks a very potent time for both new beginnings and long-overdue endings.

The lessons and shadows this Full Moon in Libra’s illuminating for us will be coming back for a second round of deep uncovering during her return on April 19th. So, now is the time to pay close attention to what is coming up for you. These themes will be playing a huge role in your life over the next two months.

With relationships of all kinds being thrown into the spotlight at this time (this Moon is ruled by the ever-so-Venusian Libra, after all), we’re being called to examine where more balance is needed in both our relationship to others, and our relationship to ourselves.

What connections in your life have you been neglecting?

Where do you find yourself over-giving, or accepting less than you deserve?

Libra is throwing an unflinching spotlight over your bonds, and she’s not leaving anything unexamined.

But this Full Moon is about a lot more than relationships.
This Moon is truly a time for both planting seeds, and releasing that hold on the ever-rotting past.

This is a time to take a step back and cast an unbiased gaze back into the inner-workings of your life, to see—to truly see—where more balance is needed.

Sometimes, when we are so firmly stuck inside the details and drama of our lives, we can find it hard to navigate our way out of it and onto a new path—with new cycles, and new adventures, and new opportunities.

The dawning of springtime, coupled with the rising of this Full Moon, are opening the door for us to enter a new path—but we must be willing to drop the old drama to step through. We must be willing to let go of the past, even when that letting go might feel awfully frightening or lonely. We must be willing to release the hibernation of winter and enter into the new life of spring; shedding the masks, shedding the old, and stepping forward as nothing but true-to-the-bone you.

This is not a time to continue denying and hoping that rotted vines will now suddenly bloom new life.

Libra is calling you to thank the old for all it has gifted you, while turning your attention to the buddings of new blooms—the ones that have rested inside your heart for so long.

Allow this Full Moon to show you where you have accepted imbalance in your life, and how you can rebalance to bring about more of that beauty and harmony that Libra is so well-loved for.


Here are some ways you can honor this Full Moon in Libra:

·         Break those vows + burn the old. Where have you kept yourself chained to ways, people, and ideas of the past? How have you limited yourself or shamed yourself for your dreams and desires because of others’ perceptions? Grab a pen and piece of paper and write down all that you’re ready to release. Vows you’ve made (consciously or unconsciously), loops and cycles you’ve been stuck in, behaviours that have hurt more than helped, etc. Once you’ve written down everything you’re ready to let go of, it’s time to speak those words aloud and then burn the paper to ash.

·         Do some spring cleaning. It’s time to decide what is clutter, and what has a true and current purpose in your life. Go through your clothes, your phone contacts, your files, and your decor. Be lovingly ruthless with the energy of your space!

·         Self-care with love. How can you give yourself even more love on this day? Is it by unplugging for the night? Buying a fresh bouquet of flowers? Drawing yourself a hot, candlelit bath? Taking an extra five minutes in the morning to slow down, close your eyes, and breathe? Give yourself an extra dose of love and tenderness on this day. It’s been a wild and weary winter, and spring has now arrived! 

This Full Moon in Libra is our powerful reminder that cultivating balance in our lives can sometimes look like closing one door before opening another.

It can sometimes look like saying goodbye to that which we’re most attached to, or facing ourselves and being honest about who we are.

But we’d do well to also remember that there is beauty inside balance too—that it isn’t all cutting and cruel-looking.

And this is the lesson of Libra.

We aren’t roaming the dark and murky depths of Scorpio, after all.
We’re prancing through the lilting meadows of Libran spring!

So, on this Full Moon night, know that what feels bad now will not always feel this bad.
Know that change is just a shift in perspective away.
And know that balance blesses life with beauty not always seen in the moment.

Happy Full Moon, my love.

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