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Goddess Series: Freya

Goddess Series: Freya

A Norse Goddess of love, fertility, and war, Freya was a wild force of nature and a great, beloved beauty.
She was known for traveling the realms in a chariot pulled by two large cats, wearing a great cloak of falcon feathers (rumoured to give her the ability to shapeshift), and accompanied by her companion, a blonde board named Hildisvíni.
Freya was an important part of the Vanir—a tribe of Norse deities that ruled the wilds of nature and fertility in all its forms.
Among those deities was her father Njord, the Norse God of the sea. As well as her twin brother, Freyr, Norse God of harvests, the sun, virility, and weddings (whom some believe was also her lover).
While Freya's mother is unknown, some believe her to be none other than her father's nameless twin sister (not uncommon in those times).
As a Goddess of both immense beauty and lust, Freya took many Gods and creatures alike as her lovers; expressing her passions both unbridled and free. Freya's desire was a thing of legend, and was not bound by any conventional morality.
Although she had many lovers, Freya was wife to the mysterious Norse God, Odr, believed to be none other than Odin himself. Together they had two daughters, Hnoss and Gersemi, who were so valuable to Freya that she named them after treasures and jewels.
In fact, one of Freya’s most prized possessions was a necklace known as the Brisingamen. Rumoured to be a piece of unsurpassed beauty and grace, Freya offered the four dwarven blacksmiths who made the necklace, all the riches they could desire—but they refused. The only offer they would accept in exchange for the Brisingamen, was each a night in bed with her. And being a beauty of great sexual freedom as she was, Freya obliged.


But more than her legendary sexual nature, Freya was known for having powerful knowledge in the art of magic—having the ability to shapeshift, prophesize, and cast powerful spells. She is closely associated with the völva, a group of female shamans and seers from the old Norse religion. In fact, it was Freya who was the first to bring this magic, otherwise known as seidr, to the Norse Gods. But beyond her breathless beauty and magic, Freya was also a Goddess of death and war—known as the first chooser of the slain. The dead would take home inside her great hall, Sessrúmnir, where not much is known about its inner-workings. Although many can assume, what with Freya's hedonistic tendencies and cunning, that the fallen warriors more than enjoyed their time in the afterlife.   

What does Freya rule?

Ruler of: love, fertility, beauty, sex, war, death, wealth, divination, prophecy, magic, and creativity.

Associated with: amber, gold, Friday (her day), fire, apples, flowers, birds of prey (specifically falcons and hawks), boars, and cats.

Why would one call upon Freya? 

·         To help with fertility of all kinds. It's important to be very specific in your petition.

·         To help with magic, divination, and spellcraft.

·         To tap into the deep feminine powers and mystery.

·         To expand your sexual energy. To help direct and wield it as you desire.

·         To assist with love and romance.

·         To reignite the fires of creativity inside you.

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