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Crystal Highlight: Selenite

Crystal Highlight: Selenite

With its moon-like ethereal glow, Selenite is one of the most mystical and dynamic crystals in any witch's collection. 

Selenite holds a very high vibration which is what imbues this crystal with some of its more potent clearing and Spirit-connecting energies. Its ability to effortlessly connect you to higher planes, while dispelling and protecting you from negative energies, is just some of what makes Selenite such a beloved and dynamic tool.


Named after Selene, the Greek Goddess of the Moon, Selenite reflects a moon-like glow when held-up to any source of light. Its ethereal and highly-intuitive energies have this crystal boldly living up to its cosmic namesake. 

Not much is known about the history of this crystal, although in many ancient buildings Selenite was used to create windows due to its translucent composition. 


 Selenite is a powerful aide for… 

·         Cleansing the aura

·         Connecting to higher realms

·         Healing the Crown Chakra

·         Activating dormant abilities

·         Clearing negative energies

·         Creating a protective field

·         Promoting peace & serenity

·         Removing blockages

·         Settling unbalanced emotions

·         Promoting mental clarity

·         Raising awareness

·         Strengthening intuition

·         Purifying spaces, crystals, & mystical objects

·         Inviting in more positivity



 Working with the energies of Selenite: 

·         Meditate. For those times when you feel like you're drowning in a fog of confusion, or those times when you're struggling to clear a stubborn block, hold a piece of Selenite between your palms and sit in meditation (or lie down and place the piece above your head). Set an intention to connect, breathe deeply, and allow Selenite to work its magic.

·         Clear the energy of any room. By placing a piece of Selenite in the 4 main corners of any room, building, or space, the energy of that place will be cleared. This is a popular practice in many healing centers, but is perfect for any space wherein you're trying to cultivate a more peaceful and serene energy.

·         Cleanse your auric body. Hold a piece of Selenite in your hands and gently begin to wave it around your body—from the bottoms of your feet to the top of your head. This is a quick and easy practice you can use at the start and/or end of your day to help keep your aura clear and strong. 

Properly caring for Selenite:  

Physically, Selenite is quite a soft stone, and is best handled with care and kept away from water. Because of its structure, it's quite normal for tiny splinters of Selenite to shed from the raw stone when held.

 What's quite unique about Selenite, is that it doesn't need to be cleansed like other crystals do. Instead, Selenite is self-cleansing and has the ability to cleanse other crystals! But, if you feel like cleansing your Selenite anyway (as some choose to do), the best way to do this is under the light of a Full Moon.

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