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Goddess Series: Selene

Goddess Series: Selene

A Greek Titan Goddess of the Moon, Selene was known as the most beautiful and feminine of the Goddesses in her pantheon. 

Selene spent her time driving a Moon Chariot led by white horses (or in some myths, white bulls) across the heavens—lighting the night sky with her great and glowing beauty. It is said that her energy is felt most strongly around the time of the Full Moon—the lunar peak.  

One of three children born of the Titan God, Hyperion, and the Titan Goddess, Theia, Selene had two siblings: Helios, God of the Sun, and Eos, Goddess of dawn. Together, they ruled the sky in great power and beauty. 

Although she had many love affairs, Selene's greatest love was with a mortal man, Endymion. It is said she saw him sleeping upon Mt. Latmus one night and, fascinated by his moral beauty, fell madly in love.  

But Selene was unable to come to terms with the fact that one day Endymion would pass away. So, the Moon Goddess went to Zeus, one of her lovers at the time, and asked him to grant Endymion immortality. Zeus obliged, but Selene’s wish came with a steep price—her mortal man was granted his immortality, but at the cost of living out the rest of eternity inside a deep slumber (from which he’d never wake). 

But Selene, ever the devoted lover to her now immortal man, would visit the sleeping Endymion every night—shining both her light and her love upon his eternal rest.

It is believed that she would visit him inside his dreams, with some myths stating that it was through these very dream visits that she was able to birth over 50 daughters (who would later become known as The Menai—representing the 50 lunar months of the Olympiad cycle).


What does Selene rule? 

Ruler of: the Moon, agriculture, childbirth, mothers, women, fertility, intuition, domestic affairs 

Associated with: white, silver, the feminine, Monday (Moon day), horses, oxen


Why would one call upon Selene? 

·         To help connect you to your intuitive abilities. 

·         To help with all matters of pregnancy (from conception to birth). 

·         To tap into your feminine energy—helping you receive, surrender, and flow with life. 

·         To help with developing your divinatory craft (tarot, pendulum, scrying). 

·         To heal mother wounds. 

·         To develop a deeper relationship with the Moon.

·         To help create a harmonious home life.

· To help soothe nightmares and restless sleep

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