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Goddess Series: Flora

Goddess Series: Flora

A Roman Goddess of flowers and spring, Flora was known as a bountiful beauty—one of several fertility Goddesses in the Roman pantheon. 

Flora was a generous Goddess that had the power to bring life back to wilting crops—and would often do so for the farmers that came to her with offerings and gifts. 

While not much is known about this Goddess, she did have a festival held in her honor back in the times of ancient Rome. The festival, known as Floralia, symbolized the fertility and newness of spring, and took place every year at the end of April—when the flowers had begun to bloom.
Floralia was a decadent and theatrical affair—all the townspeople would dress in flowers and wild costumes, the drinks flowed freely every night and day, and spectacular games (or ludi) brimming with all kinds of entertainment were held all week long. Floralia, in contrast to the virginity we associate with spring, was known to be quite the pleasure-seeking affair.

 The traditions of Floralia fall in-line with what we know of Flora—a springtime Goddess of pleasure, bounty, and youth. She was one of fifteen deities assigned their own flamen (a Roman priest), and honored with two of her own houses of worship: The Temple of Flora, and The Temple of Flora Rustica.

 Some stories say that it was Flora who gave the Goddess Juno a flower that would help her conceive without a man—allowing her son, Mars, to be born.

Other stories say she was the loyal handmaiden of the Goddess Ceres, the pre-Roman Goddess of agriculture.

 But while we may never know more detail about the life of this illusive springtime Goddess, we do know that Flora held true as a symbol of spring in its deepest essence.

It was her energy, more than any detailed backstory, that resonated deeply and inspired so many to celebrate and worship under her eye.

Flora was a Goddess of great pleasure, great youth, great bounty, and great renewal.
A spring-fed Goddess of fertile, abundant reign.


What does Flora rule? 

Ruler of: flowers, springtime, youth, fertility, vegetation, abundance 

Associated with: the cycle of life, wine, the environment, fresh fruit, sex, pleasure, love, blossoms, prosperity, flowered honey

 Why would one call upon Flora? 

· To give you ease during times of great rebirth 

·  To assist you in all matters regarding beauty and youth 

·  To bless your garden (for a bountiful bloom and to protect from disease) 

·  To help you in all matters of fertility (both the conception of children and the conception of ideas) 

· To help any area of your life to blossom (finances, health, love…) 

· To help reawaken the pure pleasure that lies inside you

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