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Goddess Series: Hecate

Goddess Series: Hecate

A Greek Goddess of witchcraft, the Moon, and all that roams at night, Hecate is a dark and mysterious Goddess of great magic. 

While there are many variations on her backstory, it is most commonly believed that Hecate was the only child of the Titans Perses, God of destruction and peace, and Asteria, Goddess of nocturnal oracles and falling stars.

Despite her Titan parentage, Hecate fought alongside Zeus and the rest of the Olympians in the battle against the Titans. It is said that, because of her deeply devoted service in the battle, Zeus honored Hecate above all other Goddesses—endowing her with great gifts and power. 

Hecate was known as the gatekeeper between realms, and the Goddess of liminality—often shown guarding the crossroads and all those in-between places with her loyal hounds by her side. Her power is felt most strongly in those places and times where the veil between worlds is at its thinnest. 

Because of her power and ability to navigate between the realms, it was Hecate who saw Persephone when she taken to the underworld, and it was Hecate who followed her down. The two then forged a friendship, with Hecate becoming Persephone's guide in her yearly journey between the realms of the living and the dead. 

As a trinity Goddess, both Hecate and her hounds have often been depicted as three separate beings or having three separate heads—lending them the ability to view all paths on the three-way crossroads that they are often found guarding. This legend of three shines light on Hecate's prolific power and sight that has given her the ability to both see and commune with the dead.


What does Hecate rule? 

Ruler of: witchcraft, magic, the dark moon, crossroads, childbirth, wildness, outcasts 

Associated with: the underworld, spirits, necromancy, dogs, keys, doorways, gates, crossing thresholds, poisonous plants, homes, the maiden/mother/crone, the number 3 

Why would one call upon Hecate? 

·         To protect you and your property from evil spirits/forces 

·         To aide you in your spellcasting 

·         To help you through dark periods in your life 

·         To help guide you in crossing realms 

·         To help you exact vengeance or retribution on those who have harmed you

·         To help you retrieve lost parts of yourself

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