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Goddess Series: Lilith

Goddess Series: Lilith

Goddess Series: Lilith

One of the oldest known Goddesses, Lilith is a spirit of great ferocity, great defiance, and great, undying enigma.The origin of Lilith is completely shrouded in mystery.

With so many legends surrounding this Goddess—of who she is and where she came from—the stories of Lilith are as ever-diverging as she. 

Some have described Lilith as a winged demon—a succubus of the night. 

Others say that she's a dark Goddess—a Sumerian queen of both light and dark.  Some myths portray her as a Goddess of agriculture, and the hand of the old Goddess, Inanna. While other tales paint her as a great Mother Goddess, long ago demonized by the church.

 In Jewish folklore, Lilith was known as the first wife of Adam.

Given life at the same time and made from the same clay, Lilith demanded to be Adam's equal.When he refused and demanded instead that she submit, she left the Garden of Eden and went in search of something more.

 There are many, many tales of the enigmatic Lilith.

But throughout all the myths, the legends, and the stories, there are several uniting threads of truth.

Lilith is a spirit of great independence and heart.

A sacred and dark champion of women.

A purveyor of the taboo, and a rebel in all places and times.

 Lilith is the dark feminine in all her glory. She is dark, but not in the ways we've come to know dark, as evil or as wrong. But dark as in the opposite of light—as in the subconscious, the hidden, the primal, the wild.

She is the muddied woman on all fours, howling at the moon.

She is the mother, fierce and wild, unafraid of the mess and chaos that her children bring. She is the witch, burning at the stake, because others fear her power, her madness, and her gifts.

 Lilith is the darkness—the wildness—inside every woman's heart.


What does Lilith rule?
Ruler of: the power inside women, defiance, independence, non-conformity
Associated with: darkness, motherhood, feminism, snakes, nighttime, passion, taboos, sexuality, red wine, subconscious fears, the dark moon, birds of night

Why would one call upon Lilith?·         

  • To help you stand for what you believe in—even when it feels like the world is against you 

  • To help you explore your sexuality (especially in the darker realms of kink and taboo)

  •  To help you tap in to that wild nature that lives inside you 

  • To give you strength in times when you must make a hard choice 

  • To help you dive deep into your shadow-work—uncovering old wounds, healing past traumas

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